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Software as a Service (SaaS) Title

Managed Service – Taking the Easiest Route Forward.

Almost all our customers now opt for the 'Software as a Service' or 'SaaS' model. Criticall specialise in designing, developing and supporting solutions for critical notification applications, and are committed to staying in the forefront of user’s requirements. EmergencyCall is expressly designed to be reliable and simple to administer and support.

The fault resilience, heightened security and availability of the offering are achieved by means of the following:
The managed service is configured as a mirrored, fault-resilient system, capable of automatic recovery from most common system faults.
All voice-processing lines are distributed over multiple servers.
Appropriate data encryption and security systems are in place.
The service uses 128bit SSL encryption using digital certificates.
All data is backed up and stored securely off site.
All systems are fully replicated and are in an always-on state.
The database servers are located in a secure part of the network separate from all other servers.
Access to these is limited to only administrator and DBA access.
The end-to-end system is tested multiple times daily.
Criticall own and maintain all the equipment and telephone lines, which are located at multiple purpose-built datacentres, a minimum 150-250km apart.

Forrester Research White Paper Endorses Criticall's SaaS Strategy
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