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Although Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) have now become commonplace in many SME's, why are so many still missing a vital piece of their wider jigsaw puzzle?

Of those SME's who have taken care of BC Planning, many of them still naively rely on the concept of call-cascades, or call-trees for success. The advantage of such communications models is that they appear to cost nothing. However, the actual cost of manually maintaining these call lists is hidden. In practice, the actual time and effort involved in keeping staff contact details current is so great that in many cases their accuracy is allowed to deteriorate.

The true cost of such call-list inaccuracy is only then felt in the midst of a real emergency, or a genuine live test. Live tests and real crises bring home just how valuable an automated notification system would be.

Criticall has 'out-of-the-box' managed solutions with SME's in mind.

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