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Anyone holding a position of responsibility within Operations will be aware of numerous occasions when life would be a whole lot easier if they could poll groups of people for information quickly and simply.

That is where Criticall’s RollCall application can help you. Purchased with the PDA option, it can quite literally place the power to interact rapidly with your dispersed enterprise in the palm of your hand - globally.

RollCall uses two-way email and SMS polling capabilities, giving access to devices in over 170 countries worldwide
It benefits from all the security and performance attributes of Criticall’s other fully-featured enterprise offerings, at an entry level price – bringing you a more rapid & substantial return on investment
Applications can be as simple as requesting swift confirmation of acceptance of a new meeting time
They can also be as complex as gauging an entire business unit’ s response to the latest corporate challenge, or issue

Email and SMS messaging are effective standalone tools in their own right. When their two-way capabilities are harnessed by RollCall to achieve near real-time responses from across your organisation, they gain a whole new level of power.

Download the brochure here.
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