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Help Desk Operator

Help Desk and CRM

For larger IT departments, internal help desks can be dealing with thousands of calls a day, through 50 seat plus operations. For the complex IT problems, resolution is often achieved by the combined input of multiple subject matter experts, that can be scattered across the globe.

Criticall makes it easy to get hold of lots of people in a hurry, when there is a need to hold an emergency conference call at only a few minutes notice. Our systems can send recipients the access number and PIN.

Where business-critical services are impacted, every second counts and conference calls are a preferred method of collaborating on resolutions. Criticall’s solutions enable you to set up instant conference calls, connecting all key decision-makers together within minutes, instead of hours.

However, when the global technical team required on each call may be drawn from a list of over 100 names, how do you alert the relevant technical experts of regular conference calls at only 5 minutes notice?

To learn how the world’s largest IT outsourcing contract of its time used EmergencyCall for international notification, click here.
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