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Extreme Weather Planet

The past few months we have seen yet more 'rare' and extreme weather events across the Globe.

With UK economic output shrinking by 0.5% in the last quarter of 2010, it's hard to make an argument against the weather playing at least some part.

Australia's floods are to cost an estimated AUD$30bn to GDP. The economic disruption from Cyclone Yasi is yet unknown but heaviest losses will be realised in mining, agriculture and tourism.

Analysts are suggesting that although the extreme cold snap in the United States will slow economic output, the effect should be modest.

Queensland Floods

Record Snowfalls

Still, at a time of such economic fragility, even a modest effect will be felt.

These are only three cases of what appears to be a new norm in terms of wild weather events Globally and there is a direct and significant knock-on effect to business at all levels; from small businesses through to multinationals. This highlights again the need for robust business continuity planning allowing for unpredictable severe and unprecedented weather events.

In the past few months, concurrent 'rare' weather events across the Globe include:
• Brazil: 100 year floods, 869+ deaths, 8,777 homeless [more]
• Australia: 200 year floods, 35 deaths, GDP Cost AUD$30bn/£19bn [more]
• Australia: Cyclone Yasi, 190mph winds, 400m circumference, possibly the most powerful storm ever to hit Australia [more]
• UK: 'Big Freeze', coldest December since records began 100 years ago, UK average -1ºC, contributing to a quarter of negative growth [more]
• USA: 'Big Freeze', 7 major winter storms in 6 weeks, coldest December on record for many cities including Miami and Tampa, record snow falls in many cities including Hartford Conn. and Tulsa [more]

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Domodedovo Bombing
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• South Africa: Floods. 33 disaster zones, 123 deaths, damage bill of 160bn rand/£14bn [more]
• Sri Lanka: 100 year floods, cost 1.2% of GDP, 50% of agricultural land affected, 1mil people left without enough food [more]
• Russia: heatwave, 56,000 deaths, cost 1% of GDP [more]
• China: 'Big Freeze', 58,000 evacuated, 300,000 acres of crops destroyed [more]
• Planet Earth: 2010, equal warmest year on record, lowest Arctic sea-ice cover on record [more]

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Global Risks

The World Economic Forum has published it's 6th annual Global Risk Report and of the 37 risks explored, there were six that ranked as high in both 'Perceived Likelihood' and 'Perceived Impact'.

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These were Climate Change, Fiscal Crises, Extreme Energy Price Volatility, Geopolitical Conflict, Economic Disparity and Global Governance Failures. The latter two were identified as having particularly high significance.

The 37 risks are also assessed in terms of their impact, likelihood and interconnectedness projecting forward over a ten year period.

Social Media UsersThe report compiles feedback from a risk perception survey of 580 leaders and decision-makers across the world supported by 18 workshops and 50 expert consultations complimenting the Forum's in-house risk analysis.

We highly recommend viewing the interactive version of the Report online.

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Aon Corporation
has also recently released its 18th annual political risk map. The interactive map allows you to search by country, region, risk type or risk level. It also includes an insurance rating guide.

Risk factors for the United Kingdom are strike, riot, civil commotion and terrorism. Countries who had their status downgraded include Iceland, Bahrain, Haiti, Algeria and the Cayman Islands. Among the countries who's risk is less severe are Kenya, Georgia, Malaysia and India.

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2012 Preparedness

Cloud Computing and IT service provider Frontier Technology joins forces with The City of London Corporation, Microsoft and Double-Take Software to hold an Olympics 2012 Preparedness seminar later this month.

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The seminar focusses on contingency planning and business continuity issues relating to the Games in London.

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Food Security

One of the hot topics to come out of this year's World Economic Forum on in Davos was that of food security.

Food Inflation is running at double the rate of Consumer Inflation and in many countries have already seen so-called 'food riots'.

Factors contributing to the issue include the rise of the biofuels industry, extreme weather events, agricultural land-banking as well as a changing landscape of investment in food production resources and commodities.

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Domodedovo Bombing

The bombing of Moscow 's Domodedovo Airport last month saw 36 people killed and scores more injured and once again brought Russia's political unrest back into the spotlight. It also serves as a reminder for BC professionals across the globe .

The new 2011 Maplecroft political Risk Atlas ranks Russia as 'Extreme Risk' alongside others indludcing North Korea, Zimbabwe and Sudan.

Companies with interests within Russia will need to reevaluate the probable frequency and severity of political unrest (also evident in the recent protests in Moscow) and the impact this may have on enterprise partners within Russia.

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In Other News:
Hot Gear!

ioSafe Rugged Portable

• Crush protection up to 5,000 lbs
• 72hr immersion protection
• Drop protection up to 20'
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• $5,000 Data Revocery Service

Victorinox Secure SSD USB Drives

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Garmin GTU 10 GPS Locator

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• Easily attached to pet, child, car, valuable/sensitive consignment etc
• Customisable 'geofences' (virtual boundaries) with auto notification
• Up to 4 weeks battery life
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Planex 150mb Pocket Wi-Fi Router

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2011: IT Challenges

A survey carried out by Frontier Technology covered 11,700 companies and 22,000 IT, BC and senior managers in the UK.

Among the findings, astonishingly, only 20.9% of respondants were 'Very Happy' with their disaster recovery arrangements. Almost two thirds of firms were already using Vitualisation and 66.1% of firms view their biggest IT challenge as budget. This is up from 58.8% in 2010.

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Criticall Comment

Globe ImageEmerging best practice with Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) seems to be to utilise these vital messaging platforms for the benefit of other departments within the enterprise.

YouTube logoThe departments set to gain most are usually IT and Operations. Watch this short YouTube video showing how this can help your enterprise today! Please direct any enquiries to

XpressCall Film

XpressCall is available as a standalone systems and network monitoring solution, or as an extension to your existing enterprise IT monitoring applications (Openview, NetCool, Tivoli, etc).

It is capable of monitoring and alerting based on all key system and network parameters using SNMP traps. Alternatively, it can be triggered to notify key support and management staff based on system events.

To find out more, contact Justin Rhodes or download the XpressCall Product Description brochure.
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Resource Corner

Useful links and events for the business continuity professional.

Global Food Safety Conference
London: Feb 16-18, 2011

Scottish Continuity AGM
Glasgow: Feb 18, 2011

Carbon Market Insights 2011
Amsterdam: Mar 1-3, 2011

Incident Management
Heathrow: Mar 10, 2011

Business Continuity Week 2011
London: March 21-25, 2011

Spring World 2011

Orlando, Florida: Mar 27-30, 2011
BAPCO Annual Conference
London: April 20-22, 2011

Strategic Risk Awards
London: May 25, 2011


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