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Climate Change and BCM

Like it or not, Climate Change is with us. "Ah!" you say, "not everyone thinks so!"

Whether you subscribe to the science or not, world leaders are hashing out changes that will effect the way countries, economies, markets, businesses and individuals conduct themselves for the foreseeable future.

For years, many BC plans have made allowance for climate related incidents such as severe storms and droughts, heatwaves, fires and floods.

The climate picture now needs to be expanded. There are new laws passing creating both advantage and disadvantage within certain markets and even entire countries.

The way the World 'does business' is changing and no enterprise will escape the reach of such sweeping reforms.

So your BC plan caters for heatwaves and hurricanes but does it allow for the wider ramifications of Mankind's responds to the challenge?

COP15 LogoIn the eyes of many, COP15 only delivered a piecemeal result but the march is a slow and steady march toward change.

A report entitled, 'Building business resilience to inevitable climate change,' published by UK resilience company Acclimatise poses a though-provoking 10 questions for Directors:
Acclimatise ReportYour Risks
1. What are the operational impacts of climate change on your company?
2. Which of your company’s key
operating assets are located
in areas vulnerable to climate
change impacts and what are
the implications?
3. How sensitive is demand for your
products and services to climate
change impacts?
4. How could current and future
climate change regulations and
industry standards affect your
organisation and its reputation?

Renewable Energy

Your Opportunities
5. What new and enhanced existing
products and services can you
offer your customers?
6. What operational benefits could
you enjoy from managing your
response to climate change?

Your Response
7. How clear and effective are your
company's internal management
responsibilities for climate
change and your engagement
with stakeholders?
In this issue:
Climate Change and BCM
Economic Recovery; w, v or u?
Extreme Weather: Floods
New 60 Second Survey
Survey Results
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Serious Games for BCM
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8. How well structured is your
company’s approach for
managing climate change?
9. How can you ensure your
company’s approach is
based on robust information
and assumptions?
10. How can you demonstrate that
your company’s climate business
resilience plans are realistic and
financially viable?

Download the report including more detailed sub-questions here.

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Economic Recovery; w, v or u?

Many economists have called the bottom on The Credit Crunch, GFC, Global Downturn, Great Recession or whatever you want to call it. Stocks are up by over 40%, property is rebounding across the Globe and China posted 19.2% annual growth last month. 

Lloyds TSB
Setting aside for a moment the arguments about whether or not such a rapid return to such strong growth is actually a good thing, let's take a moment to evaluate if we shouldn't take these predictions with a dose of precaution.

The second half of last year saw some company's Business Continuity Plans put through their paces and, as a result, many crashed and burned. Zavvi UK Group for instance, was growing in terms of market diversity and revenue when it went into administration due to the failure of it's supplier EUK.

This costly oversight in Zavvi's BC Planning lead to the demise of what was at the time the UK's largest independent entertainment retailer.

80% of economists who took part in a recent survey conducted by the National Association for Business Economics (USA) believe that the recession is over.

If what they're predicting is correct, maybe we can all sleep a little easier. Or perhaps, playing devil's advocate, we should ask how many of these same economists predicted the crash before it happened?
Stock Prices and Pound CoinRespected economist and opinion columnist James Galbraith recently commented that of the 15,000 practicing economists in the USA, only 10-12 (individuals) saw the bubble before it burst. It would be interesting to ask them what they think.

Only history will tell the full tale, but whichever way the economic winds blow, one thing is certain, a little caution can't hurt. Moreover, paying closer scrutiny to all economy-centred aspects within any BC Plan is small fry compared to the alternative.

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Extreme Weather: Floods

Pitt Review Response CoverThe second progress report detailing Government progress in implementing recommend- ations contained in Sir Michael Pitt’s report into the 2007 summer floods has been published.

This follows less than a month after yet another season of 'unprecedented' rainfall in Britain which saw over 2,000 homes and businesses flooded in Cumbria.

Having introduced the Flood and Water Management Bill, implementing Pitt recommendations which require legislation, highlights of the Government action set-out in the report include:

• Set-up of £7.7m Flood Forecasting Centre helping local authorities and emergency responders to be better prepared for potential flooding.

• Improved local and national coordination during emergencies.
• £16m of funding to help local communities across England tackle surface water flooding.
• 106 flood defense schemes protecting over 63,800 additional homes in England.
• 140,000 additional people signed up to receive flood warnings in England and Wales.

Another report published by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) titled The Financial Risks of Climate Change predicts that in the UK, temperature rises could lead to significant increases in the insured cost of flood and windstorm damage. This report was produced for the ABI by the Met office and climate catastrophe risk modeling experts, AIR Worldwide Corporation and is based on current climate and insurance catastrophe models.

Cumbria Flooding
ABI Report CoverThe report suggests that insured losses from river flooding and flash floods could rise by 14% to £633m as early as 2060 based on a 4ºC rise. Similarly, annual windstorm damage could rise by 25% to £827m while 100 year extreme flood loses could rise by 30% to £5.4bn and 100 year wind damage losses could rise by 14% to 7.3bn.

Nick Starling, the ABI's Director of General Insurance and Health, said, "... the UK Government needs to push ahead with the Flood and Water Management Bill, and ensure long-term investment in flood management as a priority, so that the long-term flood risk is better managed".

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Criticall eNews Heading
New 60 Second Survey

To complete this issue's brand new 60 second survey, click here.

Each Criticall eNews Bulletin includes a new 60 Second Survey on Business Continuity related issues. The results are then made available on the website and in the following eNews edition.

Please submit your ideas for questions for the next 60 Second Survey. It's your survey and for you to benefit most, we want your input.

We are now a community of over 8,000 Business Continuity professionals, so you joining in will make it truly representative.

Survey Results

Here is a summary of the results from last time. For a full graphical breakdown of the results from our last survey, click here.

Survey Results Thumbnail
Our survey found that not surprisingly, Pandemic Influenza prompted BCP changes more than any other single issue. However, the majority of changes were prompted in relation to issues not addressed on our survey.

We found that in most companies, BCP has either been a longstanding priority or has become one due to regulatory changes rather than in reaction to a particular disaster or threat.

We found that only large enterprises show a stronger trend

of having an up-to-date BCP as compared to small and medium enterprises which had equal numbers with and without up-to-date plans.

In all multi-site organisation categories bar one, we found a higher incidence of up-to-date BC plans with single site organisations being the only category with more respondents answering no than yes.

We found a leaning toward placing higher value on technology over personnel in an effort to maintaining high availability.

Two thirds of companies had no automated communications solutions for contacting staff outside of work during a major incident although two thirds did have special arrangements for communicating with key executives. In most cases systems were in place to allow staff to work from home/remotely, although again, in the majority of cases, there was no messaging solution in place for reaching employees outside of work.
In Other News:
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BS25999-2 CoverBSI has announced that Telefonica O2 is the first telecoms company to achieve BS25999 certification across all of it's UK business operations demonstrating that it's business continuity management systems follow internationally recognised best-practice methodologies.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP became the first major professional services firm to gain the recognised world standard for business continuity management. Again, the certification covers all 41 of the firm's locations in the UK.

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Serious Games for BCM

Forterra Systems
has announced 3D internet solutions for workplace disruption due to the H1N1 flu pandemic.


The solution uses existing computer and networking technologies to allow users to work from remote locations and interact via a virtual 3d environment.

The H1N1 scenario is one of many BCM applications for the software.

Clients include Lockheed Martin and the US Navy.

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The BSI has won two awards at the BCI 2009 BCM World Conference and Exhibition for raising awareness of BCM.

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To help you stay up to date, below is a selection of useful RSS links for the H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic.

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Criticall Comment

European Cold Snap Triggers Many Call-Outs

Globe ImageMultiple Criticall clients have initiated call-outs during the present cold-snap across UK & Europe. These have been both to warn and inform. This reflects an increasing trend among thought leading organisations and BC practitioners, who use notification systems to warn and inform stakeholders, even when the nature of the event does not constitute a classic 'emergency', or crisis.

This serves the double purpose of reminding all message recipients that such a system exists (and how to use it), whilst also reassuring them that the organisation is still thinking of them and their welfare. Criticall does not charge its clients separately for such messaging, as it believes frequent usage and rehearsals are in everyone's best interests. With that, Ian Hammond, Criticall's CEO would like to send the following message out to all readers:

"May you enjoy a truly happy and prosperous 2010!"

Darla Delivers

Here's your chance keep a clean conscience whilst having a bit of fun on the job in the name of BCM research!

Late Friday evening, with mission critical deadlines looming, find out how DR-Darla saves the day when things are looking pretty grim at SmartCo*.

Click here to watch our new emergencyCall movie: "Darla Delivers".

Are you more like DR-Darla or BC-Bob? Let us know.

Darla Delivers The Movie - Screen Shot

Resource Corner

Useful links and events for the business continuity professional.

IT Directors, Disaster Recovery and Availability Summit
London: January 20, 2010

Intellect Annual Regent Conference
London: February 4, 2010

BAPCO Annual Conference & Exhibition

London: April 20-22, 2010

StrategicRISK Awards Finalists Reception
London: April 22, 2010

BCI China Conference
Shanghai: May 18-19, 2010

20TH World Conference on Disaster Management
Toronto: June 6-9, 2010
Emergency Planning Society Annual Conference and Exhibition
Glasgow: June 21-23, 2010

Risk and Resilience Expo
London: September 22-23, 2010

360 IT Event

London: September 22-23, 2010

BCM World Conference
London: November 3-4, 2010


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