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England's Floods: Pitt Review

Pitt Review CoverThe recently released 'Pitt Review', a 550 page report on 'Learning lessons from the 2007 floods", is an exhaustive report covering all aspects of the floods including facts and figures on the floods, advice for helping people protect their families and homes and improved flood planning and risk reduction.

Last summer's floods saw the largest loss of essential services since World War II.

Even with 180 million people worldwide affected by some 200 major floods,

England's summer floods ranked as the most expensive.

Whether a phenomenon of global warming or a freak occurrence, the 2007 summer floods provided food for thought for any BCP professional in any enterprise with operations or staff in or near flood areas.


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England's Floods: Pitt Review
Flu Patrol
Future Resilient Enterprise
New 60 Second Survey
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BCIP's New Offering
VMware VMbooks
3G iPhone
IBM ploughs £300mil into BCP
BS2599 Award
London Evacuation
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Flu Patrol

Many predicted that the pandemic avian influenza human-to-human strain 'outbreak' would occur early this year so you could be forgiven for believing that pandemic flu is another 'millennium bug'. But the professionals are still hot on the case and the level of concern hasn't subsided in any way. 

Pandemic Flu Storybook Cover

Unlike the anti-climactic y2k bug buzz, health professionals and governmental officials across the globe say the H5N1 pandemic is a matter of when, not if. A recent report from a House of Lords committee has warned that the pandemic flu will kill 75,000 Britons and 50 million worldwide.

Pitt Review CoverThe Cabinet Office puts the possible UK death toll somewhere between 50,000 and 750,000 deaths and, in the recently published 'National Risk Register,' puts the threat of Pandemic Flu higher than terrorism or climate change.

This year is the 90th anniversary of the 1918 Pandemic Flu and the CDC (US Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has released the "1918 Pandemic Flu Storybook".

The online storybook includes stories, photos and narrative videos to give greater insight to public health officials preparing for the impending H5N1 pandemic.

Further insight into this historical pandemic flu outbreak have been gained with research on the bodies of victims killed in 1918.

Researchers have found that antibodies preserved in frozen bodies buried in Alaska have shown strong immunity 90 years on and have provided useful insights in the search for protection from the current virulent H5N1 strain of bird flu.

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Future Resilient Enterprise

Imagine your site becomes inaccessible due to a major incident and all of your 500 staff need to work from home for for two weeks while the site is restored. Imagine then if each staff member could open a web browser on their PC at home and log in to their work desktop and resume working. All their work files are still as they left them when they left their desk.

The same applications are still open, even a word processing document they had open is unaltered. Would a solution that makes this possible make you rethink your DR procedures? Inc has created a totally web based operating system that includes many hosted apps including office suite, photo editing, games, widgets and instant messaging. Basically it's kind of like Windows... but it's hosted online.

Once you log in via any web browser, anywhere in the world, you see your own secure and up to date desktop; your own virtual computer (VC).

With the recent boom in 'cloud' computer solutions, BPC professionals are finding an increasing number of applications and solutions that can be directly applied to BCP.'s VC system is free and is currently available as a public 'alpha' version but systems such as this may well become the norm as mobile internet gets faster, more reliable and cheaper.
Mobile Internet

This type of virtual computing is obviously in it's infancy but as the market grows, this may well be the future for the resilient enterprise.

Other solutions that you may wish to tie into your new virtual computing world are: Google Docs, Buzzword, ConnectNow, Photoshop Express, ADrive and Salesforce.

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New 60 Second Survey

To complete this issue's brand new 60 second survey, click here.

Each Criticall eNews Bulletin includes a new 60 Second Survey on Business Continuity related issues. The results are then made available on the website and in the following eNews edition.

We are now a community of over 8,000 Business Continuity professionals, so you joining in will make it truly representative.
Survey Results

Here is a summary of the results from last time. For a full graphical breakdown of the results from our last survey, click here.

Our survey found that, in all but a handful of organisations, BCM is now a high enough priority to be assigned to a Senior Executive or Board level committee. We found, however, than most companies had not subjected their BCM to an independant audit.

Although the vast majority said that no BCM regulatory legislation applied to
their company, of those remaining, most said that they had to adhere to the regulatory legislation of the FSA.

Our quesiton on BCM awareness training resulted in a an dead heat between those who had and those who hadn't.

Survey Results Thumbnail
Although most survey respondants said their DR plans had been tested over the past 12 months, it was surprising how many plans had not been tested.
In Other News:
BCIP's New Offering

BCIP launches first combined risk management process coupled with competitive business insurance.

This new market offering is designed to help SME’s mitigate business risks, keep premiums to a minimum and deliver fast claim settlements.

Mobile Internet

“BCIP’s unique process allows SME’s to ensure they have the correct levels of insurance whilst increasing resilience of the organisation.

It’s a sign of the coming of age of business continuity to see an insurance policy which rewards organisations with good risk and business continuity management whilst giving practical and sound advice on areas for improvement.”

Quote by Belfor

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VMware VMbooks

VMware makes it's entry into the book market with it's first title "A Practical Guide to Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery with VMware Infrastructure".

VM Books Logo

The 232 page book is free and better still, it's an eBook so you can download it right now from VMware.

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3G iPhone

You'd have to have been under a log to have missed the launch of Apple's second generation iPhone.

iPhone Picture

With the biggest improvements revolving around the addition of 3G and enterprise capabilities, the new model sold a whopping 1 million iPhones in the first three days of it's launch.

Despite the phone's new capabilities, it has been the recipient of some criticism including the lack of a physical keyboard, the camera and some concerns over security.

We'll leave it to you to decide!

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IBM ploughs US$300mil into BCP

IBM has announced a massive infrastructure expansion in it's business continuity and resilience services.

IBM LogoAt a cost of US$300 million, IBM is planning to construct 13 Business Resilience service delivery centres in 10 countries covering every region of the globe tackling the likes of Sungard head on.

For the first time, the expansion will permit IBM clients to access services that support BCP from a cloud computing environment.

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BS25999 Award

The BSI British Standards has won the Continuity Insurance & Risk (CIR) award for Industry Advancement for the development of it's BS 25999 standard.

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London Evacuation

London Mass Evacuation PlanThe London Resilience Partnership has recently developed the 'London Mass Evacuation Plan'.

The partnership includes The Metropolitan Police Service, NHS London, Network Rail and The London Fire Brigade among others.

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Criticall Comment: Precious GEMS!

“Best practice leaders in the industry, like KPMG and Commerzbank, are increasingly recognising the need to go beyond stand-alone notification systems and are going for GEMS instead”, says Ian Hammond, Criticall’s CEO.

Globe ImageThese are Global Enterprise Messaging Services, where a single, integrated messaging platform holds the relevant recipient data and manages the global messaging for all kinds of time-critical information.

“BCM professionals that recognise the value of embedding their own BC messaging solution into the daily operations of the wider enterprise are those who are most likely to see their own value appreciated by other business divisions”, suggests Ian.

For an interactive, animated tour of Criticall’s own GEMS, click here.

Darla Delivers

Here's your chance keep a clean conscience whilst having a bit of fun on the job in the name of BCM research!

Late Friday evening, with mission critical deadlines looming, find out how DR-Darla saves the day when things are looking pretty grim at SmartCo*.

Click here to watch our new emergencyCall movie: "Darla Delivers".

Are you more like DR-Darla or BC-Bob? Let us know.

Survey Results Thumbnail

Resource Corner

Useful links and events for the business continuity professional.

SCG 'Road to Recovery' Event
September 26th, 2008

Continuity Forum: Special Risks Summit
September 26th , 2008

Intellect Security and Resilience Conference and Dinner
September 29th , 2008

BSI Free Regional Business Forums
October 14 , 2008
November 20th, 2008
Storage Expo
October 15th & 16th , 2008

Flood Fighters
November 3rd & 4th, 2008

The Emergency Services Show
November 19th & 20th , 2008


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