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London: Global Wi-Fi Benchmark

"The City of London network is a global benchmark for cities and metro Wi-Fi," said Niall Murphy, co-founder and chief strategy officer at company behind the City's new wide area Wi-Fi network, The Cloud.

London Wi-Fi Map

The network is said to be the most advanced network in Europe, providing wireless broadband to more than 350,000 people who work and visit the area. Free access is on offer for the first month and will be provided in association with Nokia.

City Of London

12 months of
development and testing preceeded the launch comprising 127 nodes and the network is planned to eventually cover 95% of of areas owned by the City of London Corporation.

The launch comes in the same week as the launch of the 2Mbps Wi-Fi broadband on all Heathrow Express Trains.

The technology combines satellite link with mobile 3G/GPRS networks to provide connectivity both above ground and in tunnels.

This service as to other existing Wi-Fi train services already in use including London to Brighton, Oxford Tube and Virgin Train services.

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London: Global Wi-Fi Benchmark

Addressing Global Risks

SURVIVE: to Liquidate

UK Companies Pay Lip Service to BCM

BCM: Top 5 Web Goodies

BS 25999

Apple iPhone

Blackberry for Windows

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Addressing Global Risks

Hurricaine Katrina

"Many of the 23 core global risks have worsened over the last 12 months, despite growing awareness of their potential impacts," according to the World Economic Forum referring to it's recently published Global Risks 2007 Report.

Other contributors to the report include Swiss Re, MCC, Citigroup and the Wharton School Risk Center.
In addition to it's findings, the report also suggests the appointment of governmental Country Risk Officers who meet regularly on an intergovernmental level as well as the creation of flexible "coalitions of the willing" allowing mitigation strategies to emerge from dynamic interplay between governments and business.

Thierry Malleret, Director, Head of Global Challenges Team of the World Economic Forum, said: "This report makes clear that there exists a fundamental disconnect between risk and mitigation.

While opinion suggests that levels of risk are rising in almost all of the 23 risks on which the Global Risk Network has been focused over the last year, the mechanisms in place to manage and mitigate these risks are inadequate; world leaders must act now.

While the global economy has been expanding faster than at any time in history, it remains vulnerable."

According to the report, climate change

USB Stickand associated severe storms, water shortages or rising sea levels would have an impact "far beyond the environment".

While effective measures to mitigate global warming could also improve resilience to oil price shocks by diversifying energy supply, the report said, ineffective steps "will almost certainly be a factor in major interstate and civl wars within the next 50 years".

The report also insisted that co-operation between the USA and China was crucial.

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SURVIVE: to Liquidate
Survive Logo

This week, the long standing membership group for business continuity professionals, SURVIVE, is said to be holding a creditors meeting as it prepares to liquidate according to their insolvency partners Ian Holland + Co Limited.

Having maintained Gold Membership with SURVIVE for many years, Criticall

is very sorry to hear this news as are many other members of the Business Continuity community and BC professionals alike.

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UK Companies Pay Lip Service to BCM

According to the latest Business Continuity Management report (2007) from the Chartered Management Institute, UK organisations are " paying lip service to the importance of planning for disaster, but failing to make business resilience a reality.

BC Planning

CMI ReportSurprisingly the report discovered that only half of organisations with plans carry out regular and thorough rehearsals despite strong evidence that rehearsals are vital to ensure the effectiveness of planning.

A third of organisations reported disruptions due to loss of IT and a similar figure was reported for disruption due to loss of people.
Those affected by extreme weather conditions more than tripled to 28%.

Perhaps the most surprising finding was that over half of the managers surveyed work in organisations where there is no specific Business Continuity Plan in place.

Bruce Mann, Director of Civil Contingencies Secretariat at the Cabinet Office says that "the report reveals a situation where there is still much work to be done."

He urges that there are "still too many organisations that have no business continuity plan, of have one that is unknown to staff or is not subject to exercise and review.

Recommendations of the report include:
• Utilising the British Standard 25999 as a basis for assessing and benchmarking their BCPs.
• Organisation's BCPs should address not only technological or physical requirements, but also people and skill needs.

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BCM: Top 5 Web Goodies

Here's a little list we've compiled for you to make your life as a business continuity professional easier.

i. Glossary of BCM Terms
A 29 page PDF document comprising a comprehensive list of BCM terms to help you come to grips with this wordy field.

ii. Major Incidents Database
Published by the Emergency Planning College in Excel format, this list details almost 700 major events. With an emphasis on UK incidents, the list also includes around 300 international incidents dating back over the past century.
iii. Google Pages
The easiest way to publish your own "Incident Status" website. It's an absolute no-brainer. Just get a gmail account, create your page and update it instantly from any web browser, anywhere. As long as your staff know where to log on (eg. they can check for updates and instructions in the case of an incident.

Google Pages Live Status Page

iv. Google Docs
With your new gmail account, you can now upload your full Business Continuity Plan to the web. No one else can see it (unless of course you wish to share it for viewing or collaboration). Now you can access this from anywhere too - just get yourself to a web browser (wi-fi laptop, smartphone, pda etc etc).

v. Mozy Free Online Backup
Okay, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, this company offers you 2GB of free online backup. That means you can put all your important BC documents (and anything else you can think of for that matter!) offsite in a secure facility that you have access to.... you guessed it... anywhere!

BS 25999

Replacing PAS 56:2003, BS 25999-1:2006 is the first part of the two part BS 25999. BS 25999-2:2007 is due to be released over the summer.

Part 1
is a code of practice for business continuity management and can currently be purchased as a download from the BSI for £45 (£90 for non-members).

Part 2 will specify the process
for achieving certification. This certification will be based on whether an organisation's business continuity capability is appropriate to the size and complexity of an organization.

BCM LifeCycle

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Apple iPhone

This is one for all those tech-hungry consumers but it's also a very effective business tool
. It's basically the best iPod Apple has ever released plus a pda plus a phone.... plus a status symbol.


Due to launch in the UK on October and with way too many features to even get going on in this newsletter, you best check out Steve Jobs' keynote speech for all the fancy details.

For now, let's just say, it's a ground breaker and you have to check it out... now!

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BlackBerry for Windows

Research In Motion has announced plans to expand its support for Windows-based mobile devices allowing third-party manufacturers to benefit from the popular BlackBerry application software and services.

The new software is planned for release later this year for selected Windows Mobile 6 devices.

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Criticall Comment

Statue of Liberty
Criticall lands in New York.

Adding to Criticall's two existing sites in London and Cardiff, we have launched a US hosted site in New York's Atlantic Telecoms Center.

For an animated online demonstration, go to or for more information contact us on

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Useful links and events for the business continuity professional

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Intellect Annual General Meeting
May 24th, 2007

EPS Annual Conference 2007
June 18th-19th, 2007

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June 26th, 2007

CIO & CSO Business Continuity Forum 2007, New York
July 17th-18th, 2007


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