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The Byte Bubble

The previously 'bust' data centre industry is set to see boom times once again as data volumes balloon at a formidable rate amid increasing threats of environmentally instability, terrorism and the imminent avian influenza pandemic.

Data Centre

The experts are saying that digital data volumes are projected to increase by 30% in the next two years. In an unfortunate twist, technological developments in computing compound this problem rather than alleviate it.

Data CablesDue to the availability of high power portable computing solutions in the form of laptops, PDAs and memory sticks, and their ever increasing storage capacities, large amounts of corporate data are not longer being confined to fixed media such as servers and desktop PCs.

Many companies are outsourcing this arduous task to specialists who provide near continuous backups so companies can restore a data snapshot from almost any desired moment in the past. Of course this comes at a cost.

Many large US tech giants, insurance and banking companies are constructing large server farms in rural areas across the country with today's major industry driver being the cost of electricity as power demands are now 5 times higher than they were just 5 years ago.

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The Byte Bubble

Citrix, IBM team up for DR

Bird Flu: online resources

Don't Be "Hacked-off"

Move over MS Office: Google Docs

World's Smallest Phone

Ultra-mobile sat-nav

BC Buzz: Sahana

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Resource Corner

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Citrix, IBM team up for Disaster Recovery

Home Office
A recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting suggests productivity losses of up to US$1.36mil for a company with a workforce of 5,000 in the event of a three day workforce disruption.

This premise provides the impetus behind the new Virtual Workplace Continuity service product to be offered jointly by IBM and Citrix Solutions.

Global Vice President for IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services, Phillippe Jarre said that the new solutions will, "help employees, partners and suppliers to communicate, collaborate and access vital applications and data in the face of a workforce disruption."

USB StickThe solution will simplify the process of reconnecting dispersed employees to the business tools they need to work away from the office, such as e-mail, ERP and CRM systems. The solution, which will employ the use of USB device, will begin pilot testing next year.

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Bird Flu: online resources

Chicken FarmThe internet is by far the best resource for bird flu preparedness for the business continuity community.

Although some of the content on these sites relates to specific local issues, the majority of the content contains information that most business continuity professionals will find invaluable.
Here are 5 of our favourites:

1. UK Resilience
Bird Flu Checklist for Businesses

2. Queensland Government, AU
A comprehensive online resource website including FAQ, a Government Action Plan and most usefully a Business Continuity Planning Notes pdf

3. US Government
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness, response and Recovery Guide for Criticall Infrastructure and Key Resources

4. Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Factsheet for British Nationals travelling or residing overseas

Bird Flu Vaccination

5. Q&A with the experts on how to prepare for bird flu

Bonus link: we also thought you'd like this video
Brent Woodworth, head of the IBM Crisis Response Team: Bird Flu Continuity Planning

Don't be "Hacked-off"

The BBC recently conducted an exercise dubbed 'The Honeypot'.
This involved putting an unprotected Windows PC online to test, in a controlled, isolated environment, the perils and pitfalls of internet security.

Source Code

LaptopThe month long test attracted over 50 attacks a night and ultimately resulted in the the machine becoming so clogged with adware and spyware that it was rendered unusable and could only be shut down by "pulling the virtual plug.

Highlighting the need for greater internet security on a much larger scale is BT's latest acquisition of the California-based anti-hacker specialist Counterpane Internet Security Inc. for a reported US$40mil. Counterpane currently monitors 550 networks worldwide for multinational and Fortune 100 customers.

Counterpane is a welcome addition to BT’s global professional services community. As more and more of our customers seek to exploit the opportunities of globalisation, we are finding that increasingly business critical applications are dependent upon the resilience and security of their infrastructure," according to Andy Green, CEO BT Global Services.

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Move over MS Office: Google Docs

Two of the most important tools for the Business Continuity professional now come free and online with Google Docs & Spreadsheets; a fusion of Google Spreadsheets and the online word processor package Writely which it acquired along with its recent purchase of UpStartle.

Currently in a very competent public beta form, Docs & Spreadheets provides users with an uncluttered, no-nonsense interface within which they can easily create, edit and save documents. Users are also able to share documents with specific colleagues and publish them as Web pages. As well as saving and archiving documents online, Docs & Spreadheets also allows saving of files to desktop in the common formats including .doc, .xls, odf, .pdf and .rtf.

Although not yet a realistic replacement for Office for the corporate enterprise, Docs & Spreadheets may well prove to be a supplementary tool in the workbelt of many a BC professional.

Docs and Spreadsheets Screenshot

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World's Smallest Phone

American VoIP company Vonage has launch what it has dubbed the "World's Smallest Telephone".

It is, essentially a 250MB USB memory stick with VoIP software and a 2.5mm stereo earpiece/ microphone.

The V-phone plugs into any Windows PC with broadband access providing the user with a portable phone line with great international call rates, and multiple inbound geographical phone numbers.
Vonage V-Phone

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Ultra-mobile sat-nav

NavmanLast month saw the first mobile phone sat-nav solution as Navman's Travel Assist S60 was released for Nokia smart- phones. Users can enjoy all the usual sat-nav goodies including either UK & Ireland or Western Europe map sets, real-time traffic announcements and 1.25 million points of interest.

NavPix embeds GPS co-ordinates into photos taken with the phone's camera allowing users to text an image to a fellow NavPix/smartphone user who can subsequently view directions from their current location to the original location of the photograph.

The software is either coupled with a battery-powered or compact cigarette lighter Bluetooth GPS receiver.

Hot on Navman's heals is ALK's launch of CoPilot Live. ALK's solution is available for Sony Ericsson M600i and P990 UIQ smartphone models.

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Sahana - Disaster Management SystemBC Buzz

Sahana is a world class, free and open source Disaster Management System used by Governments and the private sector as well as NGO's such as WHO, UNDP and World Food.

It was used very effectively after the Asian Tsunami, the earthquake in Pakistan and the mudslides in the Philippines.

Read more and grab it online at:

Criticall Comment

Criticall GraphicCriticall’s notification offerings allow you to capture location details for the person being contacted at the same time they are sent a message.

The GPS, or LBS information is presented back as a point on a map image. This means you can tell where the device was when the SMS/voice message was sent.

For an animated online demonstration, go to

Resource Corner

Useful links and events for the business continuity professional

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 October 30, 2006

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October 31, 2006

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November 6-7, 2006

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November 20-21, 2006

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November 23, 2006

From BS 25999 to Pandemic Flu SIG
December 11, 2006


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