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Is Bird Flu Really Taking Off?

Is the buzz surrounding the virulent H5N1 strain of avian influenza simply media hype? As few as 12 month ago, one could be forgiven for that conclusion, but now enough key alarm bells are ringing to make this issue a vital inclusion into any
comprehensive business continuity plan.

Wild Bird in Britain

The priority given to the potential pandemic in the recent G8 talks and the resulting decision to back Russia's

Vaccine Laboratoryinitiative to set up a regional bird flu  control centre follows closely behind the Global Community's promise of $1.9 billion to combat the spread in a conference in Beijing earlier this year.

As confirmed H5N1 cases and human deaths occur in more and more countries, the WHO's confirmed global death toll now approaches 150. Consequently, mass production of bird flu vaccine has begun.

Companies hoping to escape the headache of serious bird flu business continuity planning might think again, with global giants like JP Morgan quizzing their suppliers about how bird flu has been factored into their business continuity plans and how their plans will cover scenarios where the loss of staff would be 10, 25 or even 50 per cent. A trend that is sure to continue.

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Is Bird Flu Really Taking Off?

The Age of Terror

Riding the Heatwave of Global Warming

BlackBerry's UMTS Handset Rolls Out

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GPS Snappy Tracking

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The Age of Terror

London Police Officers
Advisory System, informing the general public of the level of national threat from international terrorists.

One year after the 7/7 bombings which left 52 dead in London, Dr John Reid announced that:

"Following a review, we have decided to inform the general public about the process and the national threat level, which applies to the UK as a whole.

These pages aim to explain what threat levels are and how they are used.

Information about the national threat level will be available on the MI5 and

New Scotland Yard Sign Home Office websites from 1st August 2006."

This morning's disrupted 'Airline Terror Plot' has seen the Mi5 Threat Level raised to Critical; the highest level.

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Riding the Heatwave of Global Warming

Data Centre TechniciansIn London, the Met Office issued  the first ever Level 3 heatwave warning while the rest of the UK, USA and Europe experienced record July heat following a winter when Russia, the Baltic States and parts of Scandinavia where gripped by the coldest winter in over 100 years.

Just months before this, the USA suffered it's most destructive hurricane season ever.

Despite the views of a few remaining die-hard skeptics, global warming is the accepted culprit for this increasing climate chaos.

Previously the concern of some government departments, the likelihood of global-warming-triggered crises is impacting on business contingency planning more than ever before.

While absenteeism and reduced worker productivity are obvious costs of the recent heatwave, hi-tech companies were hit more directly.

Rupert Murdoch's MySpace was out of action for a number of hours having been hit by heatwave-induced power-outages. Meanwhile, communications and IT giant Level 3 found itself crippled when state-of-the-art uninterrupted power supplies failed to live up to their name. These service interruptions had serious knock on effects leaving many companies with compromised operating capacity.

Great Russian Freeze

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Blackberry’s UMTS Handset Rolls Out

In the past two months, the new BlackBerry 8707v has become the first UMTS-enabled Blackberry throughout many parts of Europe and Asia and as far as Australia. Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) allows bandwidths of up to 1920 kbits/s.

BlackBerry 8707vThe handset allows users to surf the internet, send and receive emails or use other data applications at extremely high speeds, at the same time as talking on the phone.

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GPS Snappy Tracking

Sony GPS-CS1On a lighter note, Sony digital camera users will soon be able to log GPS information of the location at time of each photograph with an accuracy of up to 2m using the soon-to-be-released GPS-CS1.

Not only will users be able to view a map, they will also be able to input  geographical coordinates into software applications such as Google Earth.

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