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EmergencyCall: Virtual Multi-tool

EmergencyCall can contact different types of people to notify them of the same incident, but deliver a different message to each individual or group.

Alert messages are delivered in voice or text to any combination of phone, mobile, fax, pager or email - based on personal contact profiles - where, when, how and in what language they can be contacted.

Alert responses are logged in real-time to give you up to the minute reports on the status of the alert. Call-outs are initiated via a customised interface where you define the incident and pick the people and groups to be called.

Anywhere you have a need to communicate with dispersed groups frequently, or in a hurry, our solutions will make your enterprise operations easier to manage.

EmergencyCall runs completely ‘in the cloud’, so we take care of all the infrastructure for you. All you need is access to your phone and/or access to the internet. It’s that simple.

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