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Customer Call Title

Call centres have become an established feature of modern customer service operations for both national an international businesses.

Cost per call centre agent can be measured by the minute, whether dealing with outbound, or inbound calls. While Criticall’s solutions do encompass the classic IVR approach for inbound calls, their greatest strength lies in the sophisticated automated outbound calling ability.

With a bespoke implementation of CustomerCall, you can:
Save agent outbound calling time by automating large scale, repetitive voice call tasks
Create tailored groups for each call-out on-the-fly, or select from pre-defined groups & sub-groups
Send out unique bespoke messages, or pre-recorded voice files to play to each recipient
Send a single call-out to reach multiple language groups, either nationally or internationally
Track and monitor customer acknowledgements of, or responses to each message in real-time as they happen and integrate those responses with your existing CRM system
Extract reports on the entire call-out, drilling down to the exact second of each transaction
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